Financial Freedom Summit

Your Road Map To Building Generational Wealth and Financial Freedom

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About The Financial freedom summit

BreakPoint Summit is proud and honored to bring you The Financial Freedom Summit – born of the need we saw for a thoughtful, thorough, and honest approach to financial freedom. This event is geared those in need of guidance, advice, inspiration, and action items that will lead listeners toward the path of financial independence and generational wealth. By just being here you’ve already made the first move towards reaching those goals. We are happy to have you with us. 

This event will feature speakers representing various schools of thought. We will have individual speakers sharing their own financial journeys, as well as speakers representing various businesses, charities, organizations, and universities. We intend to provide our attendees with a wide range of topics and perspectives and the diversity of our speakers is a reflection of that. With this event, our goal is not to favor one approach over another, rather, to present a broad spectrum of strategies, each designed to meet you where you are and help you find your way forward. We are united for a common goal and a common purpose: to create and maintain generational wealth, no matter how far behind you may have fallen or where you happen to be starting from. Share about this event with your friends, family, religious group, and anyone else you feel may benefit from it. We hope that The Financial Freedom Summit will encourage you and equip you as we partner in preparing for a brighter future. Financial freedom can be yours, and it will be. We hope you will consider making us part of your journey.

Some Financial Statistics

The Battle for Financial Freedom in America


49% of Americans are Currently Living Paycheck to Paycheck


70% of Americans Believe The Economic System Unfairly Favor the Rich and Powerful


Only 35% of Americans own and manage stocks/bonds


Only 23% of working class Americans have emergency funds to last 90 days

What we will speak about

Home Ownership

You will have the opportunity to listen to real estate experts that can help you understand the home ownership journey from start to finish. Whether you are considering purchasing your first home, or looking into investment properties, our speakers can help you find your way forward. 

Credit Repair

Credit repair specialists will take the time to walk attendees through the necessary steps to either rebuild or establish a good credit history. No matter where your starting point is, there is always a way forward. Let us help show you exactly how. 


Our speakers on entrepreneurship have real-world experience in establishing their own flourishing businesses, and will be able to help you on your path towards understanding why entrepreneurship matters, and how to get started.

Personal Budgeting

Financial freedom is not just about increasing income, but also about utilizing your income in effective and intelligent ways. Our personal finance experts will provide tips, tricks, and guidance on how to make your money work more efficiently for you. 


In order to leave behind a legacy for our children and continue growing generational wealth, it is important to be able to care for ourselves in our later years. Our speakers will include financial planners that will be able to highlight and explain the significance of reaching important milestones on your retirement journey.

Abundance Mindset

 We created this event to fill a significant gap in the way we approach finance and wealth. The journey to  long-term financial success should begin as early as possible, but mental blocks and hurdles can get in our way. We trust our speakers will be able to reframe the way you look at finances – to dissolve the fear and hesitation and prepare you to succeed.


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Jan 30 – Jan 31


We want this event to be an experience you will remember. We have made the extra effort to interview some of the speakers so that you can get to know them and a little bit about what they will talk about at The Financial Freedom Summit. Those interviews will be made available here as the event draws nearer. Don’t forget to share about this event with your friends and family. We are excited and are looking forward to see how The Financial Freedom Summit will help contribute to shaping the landscape of your financial journey


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Due to gloabl health concerns, this event will be fully virtual. 


1.29 – 1.31 10am to 3pm

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